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Getting Started

Welcome to Thirdbuy!

Thirdbuy is the decentralized exchange for real world assets. Our mission is to make investing accessible to everyone, anywhere.

How It Works

  1. Projects tokenize. Projects, companies, and funds tokenize their real world assets in a compliant manner. Hundreds of companies have already tokenized asset classes like real estate, venture capital funds, government bond funds, private companies, art, and more. In the US, compliant companies do so in an SEC-regulated manner, often by utilizing Reg A or Reg D exemptions.
  2. We handle compliance technology. We handle technology for processes like KYC/AML, accredited investor checks, and the like, with a focus on doing so in a decentralized manner.
  3. We list and provide an exchange. We list the real assets from these projects on the exchange, in a user-friendly manner focused on giving customers complete understanding of every asset and its details.
  4. We integrate with DeFi ecosystem. With assets like these now on the blockchain, they can be integrated with DeFi ecosystem projects like decentralized lending, analytics, and more.


We've started by listing existing assets from partners and providers, starting with gold and art, from Paxos and Artcoin respectively. We're forging partnerships quickly and expect to launch 5+ additional assets and several new asset classes in February 2023.

We focus principally on major asset classes that retail investors understand and want to invest in or trade — public markets, commodities, and funds. With higher risk assets like alternatives (art, collectibles, etc.) and private markets, we focus not on individual assets but funds, since those are much more accessible from an information perspective for investors.

This is in contrast to many existing tokenization exchanges, who are focused on institutional investors trading assets and asset classes which require a high degree of industry-specific knowledge or other information. For example, several exchanges exist for private companies tokenizing equity, many of which are small and difficult to assess. Generally speaking, these tokenization exchanges are focused more on providing the private companies with fast liquidity rather than providing retail investors access to investments that are interesting and useful to them.

What We Care About & What We Don't

Blockchain is doing to money what the internet did to information.

The financial system is going completely open and global, and that's resulting in massive opportunities across the board.

One such opportunity is enabling 'prosumer' traders to trade digital asset products, with the technology to the same pedigree as Wall Street, but for anyone, anywhere, anytime, with no minimums. As we've seen with Binance, FTX, and others, this opportunity is massive not because everyone in the world is a prosumer trader, but because a relatively small number of traders are trading so often with so much money that it becomes easy to extract lots of value from those users.

We are not traders. We do not come from quant or high-frequency trading firms on Wall Street. We don't love crypto because we want to make millions arbitraging exchanges or riding the next ICO.

We care more about the billions of people unbanked globally. Or the even larger group of people losing half their life savings annually to inflation. We care about the single mother in Lebanon struggling to support her family because she can't withdraw money from the bank; the new grad in Argentina desperate to leave because of government's economic mismanagement; or the everyday person who lives their life paycheck to paycheck on a single checking account with a small interest rate.

Capital markets, investing, and systems of credit are largely what set apart the developed from the devoloping countries. Investing in capital markets has been the principal source of wealth for the richest people globally for the last century. While e-trading apps like Robinhood and tools like Vanguard have made this simple in the western world, something truly built to be global-first is necessary to bring this to everyone.

Our Story

We started our journey focusing on real world use-cases: it was obvious that a global, permissionless financial system was the next paradigm of finance, and bridging that permissionless financial system with real world assets was our goal.

Our first thought was to build products for real world spending: the ability to buy and sell real products, just like Amazon, with this new technology. That's Thirdbuy Shopping, currently the largest decentralized commerce marketplace, with over 50,000 products from 150+ stores.

But what we later realized was that there was a massive need for real world investable assets on blockchain — which today is being used principally for trading.

Thirdbuy today is a simple, blockchain exchange for trading real world assets on our new permissionless global financial system.

We're bringing access to real world investable asset classes to anyone with an internet connection.